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Transfert de bail pour Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 2018 - Vue 1109 fois

Véhicule: Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 2018
Mois restants: 46 Mois
Paiements restants: 45 Mois
Paiement actuels: 666.64 $
Paiements sans tax: 579.81 $
Vos paiements Comment vos paiements sont-ils calculés :
541.16 $ / Mois +Tx
Km disponible: 2,037 Km/Mois
Km actuel: 6,300 Km
Limite annuelle: 20,000 Km/Année
Ville: Highlands,British Columbia   
[3,730 km]

Obtenez ce transfert de bail pendant 46 mois pour des paiements mensuels équivalents U 541.16$/Mois +Tx apr s incitatif. Vous pourrez rouler 2,037 Km par mois.

580 $

Mois restants pour ce bail auto: 46 Mois
Paiements restants: 45 Mois
Durée initiale du bail: 60 Mois
Date de fin du bail: Jun 2023
Frais du Km supplémentaire: 10 cents / Km
Valeur résiduelle: 22,250 $
L'incitatif total de ce transfert de bail est composé de :
Dépôt original: 210 $
Montant incitatif additionnel Qu'est-ce que l'incitatif :
2,000 $
Sauvez au total: 2,210 $

Looking to transfer the lease of my 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport. This is the upgrade edition with leather interior, sunroof, navigation/entertainment package. Here is a link to its brother truck highlighting it’s features: The truck is in perfect condition inside and out. Not a scratch or dent or anything. It’s vacuumed and washed quite often (only at touchless car washes or by hand in my driveway. No brushes!) The truck has a 5 year extended warranty, a 5 year key and remote exchange in case you lose/damage a fob, and a 3 year tire and rim protection. The truck has also had paint, undercarriage, and fabric protectants, and comes with the tonneau cover purchased from Toyota. Term Information: •$210 down initially. •Biweekly payments of $333 biweekly with an interest rate of 4.99%. •5 year term ending June 20th, 2023. •100,000 km allowance over 5 years. At the end of the term you will have the option to give the truck back or buy it out. The residual value at the end is estimated to be $22,500 and because the Tacoma holds it value so well, the gained lease equity is also estimated to be $10,000. That 10 grand can be transferred to another lease for you or Toyota Credit will give you a cheque back for the amount. Email or text 250-891-4525

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Intérieur cuir Clim. arri re Entrée sans clés
GPS Lecteur CD Kit intér. bois
Kit sport Chargeur CD Lecteur DVD
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Nom: Katie Téléphone jour: (250) 891-4525
Courriel: Téléphone soir: (250) 891-4525
Province: British Columbia Ville: Highlands

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Transmission: Automatique
Nombre de vitesse 5 vitesses
Nombre de cylindres 6 cylindres
Moteur: Essence
Traction: 4x4
Garantie originale: 100,000 Km ou 5 ans
Couleur extérieure: Gris
Couleur intérieure: Noir

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