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Transfert de bail pour Acura ILX 2015 - Vue 4946 fois

Véhicule: Acura ILX 2015
Mois restants: 1 Mois
Paiements restants: 0 Mois
Paiement actuels: 219.59 $
Paiements sans tax: 190.99 $
Vos paiements Comment vos paiements sont-ils calculés :
0.00 $ / Mois +Tx
Km disponible: 60,000 Km/Mois
Km actuel: 40,000 Km
Limite annuelle: 25,000 Km/Année
Ville: York,Ontario   
[1,601 km]

Obtenez ce transfert de bail pendant 1 mois pour des paiements mensuels équivalents à 0.00$/Mois +Tx après incitatif. Vous pourrez rouler 60,000 Km par mois.

191 $

Mois restants pour ce bail auto: 1 Mois
Paiements restants: 0 Mois
Durée initiale du bail: 48 Mois
Date de fin du bail: Jan 2019
Frais du Km supplémentaire: 15 cents / Km
Valeur résiduelle: 15,082 $
L'incitatif total de ce transfert de bail est composé de :
Dépôt original: 0 $
Montant incitatif additionnel Qu'est-ce que l'incitatif :
0 $
Sauvez au total: 0 $


I have a Beautiful 2015 Pearl Black Acura ILX Dynamic. That needs a new home. As you know, this is the last manual option Acura is giving in North America. The last year any Acura came in Manual. I am a manual enthusiast that got this car but unfortunately need to upsize and can't afford both. Vehicle was only maintained at Sherway Acura, I have all the paper records. Vehicle always has been maintained. Only hand wash! I personally am a detailer and I babied the car. Vehicle has weather tech mats for front, Oem acura rubber in the back plus OEM carpets for front and back in brand new condition included with the Oem trunk Rubber Mat. Vehicle has Ceramic Tints all the way around from dealership with lifetime warranty. If you don't know what ceramic is, it reduces the amount of heat waves that is let thru in to the car so the vehicle will be cool when you get into it on a hot summer day. Vehicle is Oem stock, I had hids put in for fogs which I brought back to stalk with the Oem bulbs. I can also supply a new kit with the vehicle as I'm a professional installer and supplier. She currently sits at 40,000 km, allowance 96,000 km. I have 25 months left as of Dec 1. I have 56000 left that\'s about a yearly allowance of 28,000/year. Biweekly payment of $219 taxes in, total cost $438 a month taxes in. Vehicle has lease guard. So it's bullet proof, if you'd like to return the vehicle. Vehicle is 6 speed. I'm only asking $1000 to transfer the lease over and your off. I'm going to update pictures soon. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I'll entertain serious offer!

ABS Climatisation Bluetooth/Cell
Intérieur cuir Clim. arrière Entrée sans clés
GPS Lecteur CD Kit intér. bois
Kit sport Chargeur CD Lecteur DVD
Phares Xénon Miroirs chauffants Miroirs électriques
OnStar Power lock Radio sattelite
Cruise Control Roue en alliage Sièges à mémoire
Sièges chauffants Sièges électriques Toit ouvrant
Vitres électriques Alarme Tiptronic

Nom: Suren Téléphone jour: (647) 965-6612
Courriel: Téléphone soir: (647) 965-6612
Province: Ontario Ville: York

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Transmission: Manuelle
Nombre de vitesse 6 vitesses
Nombre de cylindres 4 cylindres
Moteur: Essence
Traction: Avant
Garantie originale: 100,000 Km ou 5 ans
Couleur extérieure: Noir
Couleur intérieure: Noir

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